At SP Final Drives we are confident in our products and the ability to meet our customers’ needs. The confidence comes from the quality and durability of our travel motors and final drives, and our assurance is also supported by hard data. To date, we have sold thousands of final drives and travel motors, mostly from Japan and Korea, with a return rate of 0.1% due to manufacture defect. That is one return per 1000 units sold.


With this confidence in mind and "Redefining the Standards" as our motto, we are proud to offer the industry leading unlimited-hour warranty as follows:

2 Year Unlimited-Hour Warranty

  • Within first two years from the original purchase date, we will replace the original motor with a new one free of charge. 

  • The original motor is required to be returned to SP Final Drives for warranty evaluation. Upon return and completion of the evaluation, motor found covered by warranty will be replaced and we will ship the replacement motors to you.

  • We will pay shipping cost, to and from our location.


Over 2 Years - 15% Lifetime Replacement Discount 

  • For motors purchased over 2 years and longer, we also offer a 15% lifetime replacement discount. Shipping is still free.

  • Simply contact us when purchasing the new motor two years after the original motor was purchased, we will apply a 15% discount based on the current purchase price for the same model of the motor.

  • We do not need the old motor returned to us. You can keep the old motor for spare parts. 

If you experience a warranty issue with any product purchased from SP Final drives, please first contact us at support@spfinaldrives.com

2 Year Unlimited-Hour Warranty Details:

Customer must provide the original invoice when filing for warranty claim. 

We reserve the right to refuse any claim submitted if the defect was determined not as a result of the workmanship of the motor itself. This determination is made at SP Final Drives' sole discretion.

Warranty is for defect in workmanship or component only. SP Final Drives' two-year warranty does not apply to malfunction of the product attributed to any of the following:

  • Normal wear of the product

  • Failure to follow manufacturer's installation and maintenance procedure.

  • Improper installation, hydraulic system contamination, negligence and other factors outside of our control.

  • Tampering, alterations or disassembly of components.

  • Overloading, improper or abusive use by the operator.

  • Insufficient or improper maintenance.

  • Damage incurred during shipping (a claim must be handled through the freight carrier).

SP Final Drives is not liable or responsible for damages to other parts or equipment, and any other costs or expenses such as, but not limited to rental fees, replacement equipment, down time, production loss, or collateral damage that could be incurred from a defective product. 

SP Final Drives strongly recommends that only trained, experienced, and certified mechanics to repair or replace the components. Extremely high pressures exist in hydraulic systems and caution must be used when working on these systems and we advises that only the original equipment manufacturer approved procedures be used when installing and servicing hydraulic components.