Why do excavators only need to add half of the final drives?

Why do you need to add final drives?

This is because there are multiple sets of planetary gears inside the travel reducer. When the excavator is walking, the gears inside are rotating at high speed, so it is necessary to add gear oil for lubrication.

Why do you only need to add half of the location?

The travel reducer is a closed space. When the final drive motor is filled with gear oil, the gear oil will increase in volume due to “hot long shrinkage” for a long time, and the gear oil itself can be very compressible, so it is easy to put The oil seal broke.

In addition, when the travel motor are all immersed in the gear oil, the resistance of the operation will be greatly increased, the friction will increase, and more heat will be generated.

When half of the gear oil is added, since the air in the other half of the reducer has better compressibility, even if the temperature of the gear oil increases and the volume expands, the oil seal will not be excessively squeezed and the deceleration can be maintained. The closed state of the device.

The travel reducer has a fueling bolt in the middle position and can also act as a viewing port that is added to half. https://www.spfinaldrives.com/

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