What should you pay attention to when using the travel motor? How to maintain it?

The first speed and pressure cannot exceed the specified value.

Secondly, there should be sufficient back pressure for the oil return hole of the low speed final drive motor. This should be the case for the inner curve motor. Otherwise, the roller may break away from the curved surface and cause impact, which will generate noise, reduce the life, and crush the roller. The entire motor is damaged. Basically, the back pressure is about 0.3 to MPa, and the higher its speed, the higher the back pressure should be.

Thirdly, avoiding a sudden start or stop under the load of the system in the case of a load on the system will cause a pressure spike, and the pressure relief valve cannot react so fast to protect the travel motors from damage.

The fourth application of lubricants with good local safety performance, the number of lubricants should be applied to special systems.

The fifth is often to check the amount of oil in the tank. This is a simple but critical preventive measure. If the leak is not found or not repaired. Then the system will quickly lose enough hydraulic oil and create a vortex at the entrance to the pump. Let the air suck. Thereby causing damage.

Sixth try to keep the hydraulic oil clean. The drop in hydraulic oil quality is hidden behind most hydraulic motor failures. https://www.spfinaldrives.com/

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