What if the hydraulic system has abnormal noise?

In the actual use of hydraulic products, there may be abnormal sounds in the hydraulic system. After all, what causes the abnormal vibration of the hydraulic system?

First, air intrusion

When the air invades the hydraulic system, it is bulky in the high pressure zone. When it enters the high pressure zone, it shrinks and the volume suddenly decreases. When it flows into the low pressure zone, the volume suddenly increases, and the volume of the bubble suddenly changes, that is, The "explosion" scene produces noise.

The solution is usually to install an exhaust valve on the hydraulic cylinder for venting. Another common method is to vent the actuator several times in a full stroke after driving.

Second, the quality of the hydraulic pump or hydraulic final drive motor is not good

The quality of the hydraulic pump is not good, the accuracy does not fully meet the technical requirements, the pressure and flow fluctuations are large, the trapped oil phenomenon does not lose good dissipation, the seal is not good and the bearing quality is poor, etc. are the secondary causes of noise formation. In the application process, due to the wear of the hydraulic pump parts, the gap is too large, the flow is lacking, the pressure is easy to fluctuate, and the noise can also be caused by the same.

The solution is of course to choose a good quality hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor, and also to stop maintenance and maintenance regularly. For example, if the tooth profile accuracy of the gear is low, the gear should be tested to meet the contact surface requirements; if the vane pump has oil trapping phenomenon, Correct the triangular groove of the oil distribution plate to eliminate the trapped oil; if the axial clearance of the hydraulic pump is too large and the oil supply is insufficient, the repair should be repaired so that the axial clearance is within the allowable range; if the hydraulic pump is used incorrectly, it should be changed immediately.

3. The improper adjustment of the reversing valve causes the spool of the reversing valve to move too fast, causing a reversing impact, thus generating noise and vibration.

When working, the spool of the hydraulic valve is supported on the spring. When its frequency is close to the pulsation frequency of the hydraulic pump oil delivery rate or the frequency of other vibration sources, it will cause vibration and generate noise.

Solution: If the reversing valve used is a hydraulic reversing valve, the throttling element in the control oil circuit should be adjusted to make the reversing bumps have no impact; after changing the natural frequency of the piping system, the position of the control valve is changed or inappropriately Adding an accumulator can prevent vibration and noise.

Fourth, the relief valve does not fluctuate

For example, due to improper matching of the spool valve and the valve hole or the dirt at the contact between the cone valve and the valve seat is stuck, the orifice of the damping hole is indented, the spring is tilted or the spring is effective, etc., the valve core is stuck or does not move in the valve hole, causing system pressure fluctuation. And noise.

Solution: Pay attention to cleaning and dredging the Yin Ni Kong; inspect the overflow valve and repair or replace it if it is found to be damaged.

Five, mechanical vibration

The tubing is slender and the elbow is not fixed. When the oil flow rate is high, the tube is easy to cause the tube to vibrate; the rotation of the final drives and the hydraulic pump is partially uneven, the alignment is not good during installation, or the coupling is loose, etc. Can generate vibration and noise.

Solution: The longer tubing is recommended to be separated and separated from the machine tool wall. The supporting pipe clamp is added appropriately; the installation accuracy of the motor and hydraulic pump is adjusted; the coupling is re-installed to ensure that the coaxiality is less than 0.1MM. https://www.spfinaldrives.com/

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