What causes the final drive motor to leak inside, how to solve it?

Reason 1: The drive shaft inside the injection rubber plate of the injection molding machine is too long, the inner spline hole is too shallow, or the inner spline and the motor shaft spline are too tightly matched. After the forced installation, the housing bearing of the motor is damaged. It is difficult to rotate the motor and the internal leakage is abnormal.

     Solution: Remove the motor and check if there is a significant indentation in the motor shaft spline. If there is an indentation, it indicates that the drive shaft in the second rubber plate is too long. According to the actual shortening of the plastic machine drive shaft, a chamfer is added to the front end of the spline inside the drive shaft, and the two plates can be thickened or the appropriate thickness of the gasket can be placed on the five mounting holes of the front end surface of the motor. The pad is separated from the rubber plate by a certain distance. Modify the spline hole size in the drive shaft of the press to match the motor spline.

     Reason 2: The plane thrust bearing and the tapered bearing on the shaft of the transmission type inside the plastic injection rubber plate are extremely worn, resulting in abnormal operation of the motor and internal leakage.

     Solution: Replace the flat thrust bearing and cone-type bearing on the drive shaft of the press.

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