Walking device failure and troubleshooting

Years of contact with various types of machinery manufacturers and end customers, we found that in the course of use, some of the failure of the walking device, we can actually go through some methods to check and eliminate. Below, we will give a brief introduction to the failure and troubleshooting of the walking device.

Walking device

The final drives device is a hydraulic component that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, and plays an action of carrying forward and backward movement of the excavator during the working process of the excavator. After a long period of use and operation, with the wear of the moving parts, the faults and troubleshooting methods are as follows:

1. The two final drive motors of the driving device will have a deviation phenomenon. The main reason is that the internal rotor of the motor has different degrees of wear, resulting in low motor efficiency, increased oil return, weak walking, and deviation during operation.

2. When the single direction is weak, first check the oil drain of the drain port. If the drain is normal, it is the cause of the overflow safety valve being stuck. If the drain port is drained in one direction, the spindle and the cylinder match the gap. Big;

3. Under normal conditions of oil circuit, if walking is weak, the oil drain should be inspected. At this time, the oil drain is large. The reason is that the oil pan and the oil cylinder, the oil cylinder and the plunger body, the sliding shoe and the swash plate are seriously worn; When the oil return amount is normal, there is a possibility that the brake ring O-ring is too drained and the brakes cannot be fully opened.

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