Tips for maintaining hydraulic accessories

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Hydraulic Components The main components of these devices are the main unit and the control mechanism. The power mechanism of this kind of equipment is controlled by electrical equipment, through the action of hydraulic pump, oil cylinder and various hydraulic oil pump accessories to achieve the purpose of energy conversion, and at the same time carry out reasonable adjustment and conveying operation, so that the whole process flow can be carried out.

When using hydraulic spare parts, the performance of its power mechanism will gradually weaken, so the use of hydraulic fittings must pay attention to its maintenance.

1. Before using the equipment, first wear the protective items to avoid damage during operation.

2. The adjustment handle on the machine has been adjusted to the best state before it comes out from the manufacturer. If it is not the debugger, do not adjust it easily.

3. Do not have too much impurities on the work surface and the mold. After adjusting the working pressure and the stroke of the slider, let it run for a period of time to ensure that there is no problem before it can be used normally.

4. Before starting the equipment, check final drives whether its photoelectric protection device is normal, the sensitivity of all the stroke switches, and whether the fasteners are loose.

5, the operator must have a wealth of professional knowledge, after the certification of the relevant institutions can be operated. Because not all people will operate the hydraulic fitting system correctly, unprofessional personnel will cause damage to the machine when operating, and it is also dangerous.

How long does the hydraulic fittings last? Look at the maintenance work. The correct maintenance can make the equipment last longer. (If you need, please call SP final drives to help you.) If the hydraulic parts are not well maintained, the equipment is natural. It won't be used for too long, so be sure to pay attention to the maintenance work when using hydraulic fittings.

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