Three gentle trouble shooting and repair of final drives motors

1. The speed of the hydraulic motor parts is reduced and the output torque is reduced.

(1) Reasons for the occurrence:

1 hydraulic parts supply insufficient oil. Due to the increase of the wear axial and radial clearance of the hydraulic fittings, the leakage amount in the oil-grinding fittings increases; the speed and power of the hydraulic fittings do not match, causing insufficient output flow and insufficient flow and pressure to enter the hydraulic motor fittings.

2 The viscosity of the hydraulic oil is too small, resulting in an increase in leakage in various parts of the hydraulic system.

3 hydraulic system parts pressure regulating valve (such as the relief valve) pressure failure failure, the amount of leakage within each control and other reasons, resulting in insufficient flow and pressure into the hydraulic motor parts.

4 hydraulic motor accessories themselves. For example, the side plate and gear of the CM type hydraulic motor parts wear and tear on the side of the two oil pump parts, resulting in a large amount of leakage between the high and low pressure chambers, even the serial cavity; YMC type cycloidal toothed internal mesh hydraulic travel motors parts have no clearance compensation, The rotor and the stator are sealed in line contact, and the seal line in the entire hydraulic motor fitting is long, thereby causing leakage and low efficiency. In particular, when the contact line between the rotor and the stator is inferior in tooth profile accuracy or strain, the leakage is more serious, causing the rotation speed to decrease and the output torque to decrease.

5 The working load is large and the speed is reduced.

6 Other components of the hydraulic system are faulty.

(2) Method of exclusion:

1 Exclude the failure of the hydraulic parts to supply insufficient oil. For example, cleaning oil filter rotary drilling rig accessories, repairing hydraulic components, ensuring reasonable axial clearance, replacing motors that can meet the number of revolutions and power requirements.

2 Select the hydraulic oil of the appropriate viscosity.

3 Eliminate the failure of each control valve. The key point is to check the overflow valve, check the cause of the pressure failure, and take measures to eliminate the fault.

4 Grinding and repairing the side plates and gears of the hydraulic motor parts, the Sauer hydraulic pump parts and ensuring the assembly clearance, that is, the hydraulic motor fitting body should also be ground to the corresponding size. 5 Check the cause of the overload and exclude it.

6 Check each one to take appropriate measures.

Second, the hydraulic motor parts have large noise, vibration and heat

(1) Reasons for the occurrence:

1 Hydraulic motor parts have low tooth accuracy or poor meshing contact.

2 Hydraulic motor parts internal parts are damaged.

3 hydraulic motor parts axial clearance is too small.

4 The hydraulic final drive motors parts gear inner hole and end surface are not perpendicular or the hydraulic motor parts front and rear end cover are not parallel.

5 hydraulic oil viscosity is too high or too low.

6 The oil filter is clogged with dirt.

7 Pump inlet pipe joint leaks.

8 The tank level is too low.

9 hydraulic oil aging, poor defoaming performance, etc., causing air bubbles into the hydraulic motor parts.

(2) Method of exclusion:

1 Replace the gear or repair it, or use the tooth shape to reduce the noise.

2 Replace damaged parts such as needle bearings, journals, etc.

3 Grind the side plate or gear end face to increase the axial clearance, but the axial clearance should not exceed the technical requirements.

4 Replace the unqualified product.

5 Replace the hydraulic oil of the appropriate viscosity.

6 Clean the oil filter to reduce the contamination of the hydraulic oil.

7 The pump inlet pipe joint is tightened and the seal is damaged and replaced.

8 Add hydraulic oil to the specified level of the tank.

9 Hydraulic oil pollution is seriously deteriorated and replaced.

Third, hydraulic motor parts oil seal oil leakage

1) Reasons for the occurrence:

1 The pressure of the drain pipe is high, causing the oil seal to leak oil.

2 The oil seal is damaged and the journal is strained.

(2) Method of exclusion:

1 The oil drain pipe is connected to the fuel tank separately, instead of sharing the hydraulic motor fitting return line; clean the drain pipe to remove the blockage.

2 If the oil seal is damaged, the oil seal should be replaced; the shaft should be repaired by grinding to avoid further strain.

Fourth, the maintenance of the final drive motor The main parts repair method of the gear motor is basically the same as the repair method of the gear pump accessories, can be referred to.

V. Precautions for the use of gear motors The following points should be noted during the use of gear hydraulic motor accessories:

(1) The installation of the output shaft between the output shaft of the gear hydraulic motor and the actuator is made of elastic coupling. The coaxiality error of the gear is not more than 0.1mm. The shaft error of the sleeve coupling is not more than 0.05mm.

(2) The back pressure of the gear hydraulic motor fitting drain port shall not exceed 0.05MPa.

(3) Gear hydraulic motor parts working medium is recommended to use No. 46 hydraulic oil or other neutral mineral oil with moving viscosity (25 ~ 33) × 10-6 m2 / s (at 50 ° C).

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