The market demand is strengthening, and the walking motor faces a greater challenge

The final drive motor is an important part of construction machinery. Compared with the task system, the travel drive system needs to transmit more power, which requires the device to have higher efficiency and shorter life. It also has good ability in variable speed regulation, differential speed, changing the input shaft rotation direction and reverse transmission power. What kind of transmission method is adopted, how to better meet the needs of various engineering machinery travel drive, is constantly facing the subject of the construction machinery industry. Especially in recent years, the establishment process of transportation and power equipment in China has developed rapidly. The scale of construction and resource development has been expanding continuously. The demand for construction machinery market has been greatly enhanced. At the same time, the operating environment is more demanding and the working conditions are more complicated. The challenges brought about by this have further promoted the deepening of its walking drive system.

Hydraulic transmission is compared to mechanical transmission. The hydraulic drive makes it easier to complete its motion parameters (flow) and power parameter (pressure) control, while the hydraulic final drives has better low-speed load characteristics than the hydraulic drive. It has high transmission efficiency, can stop constant power output control, has abundant power utilization, complicated system structure, steplessly speed regulation of output speed, positive and negative running, high speed rigidity, easy implementation and other outstanding advantages, hydraulic transmission engineering machinery It is widely used in the middle. Hydraulic engineering traces can be seen in all construction machinery, many of which have become secondary transmission and control methods. The ultimate load conditioning closed loop, the initiator speed control constant pressure, constant power combined variable variable system development, provides a broad development prospect for the hydraulic transmission applied to the engineering machinery walking system. Compared with pure mechanical and hydraulic transmission, the main advantages of hydraulic transmission are its convenient adjustment and planning sensitivity. It can be used in engineering machinery and working conditions, and the engine, drive wheel, working mechanism and other components are clearly arranged and arranged. When operating at any of the dispatching speeds, the transmission system can develop a large traction force. The transmission system can still maintain high efficiency within a wide range of output speeds, and can easily obtain various optimized power transmission characteristics to conform to various operating load patterns. The vehicle with high speed is used in the mobile machine with closed oil circuit. The hydraulic travel motor installation can steplessly adjust the speed, making the vehicle start gently, change speed quickly and change direction without impact. This function is very valuable for the need to frequently start and shift during work, often through a moving vehicle. However, closed circuit design, installation, commissioning and maintenance have higher difficulty and technical requirements than open circuits. Hydraulic transmission

The combination of electronic technology and hydraulic technology makes it easy to adjust and control the hydraulic system. The introduction of computer control and the application of various types of sensing components have greatly expanded the working range of hydraulic components. The sensor monitors various state parameters of the engineering vehicle, and computer operation output control purpose instructions, so that the vehicle can be automatically controlled within the entire working range, and the fuel economy, power, and operating consumption rate of the machine reach the optimal value. The use of hydraulic transmission makes the construction machinery easy to realize intelligent, energy-saving and environmental protection, which has become the development trend of engineering machinery in the future and in the future.

In the face of huge market demand, we have been constantly striving and innovating... In order to make our products better meet the needs of customers. We provide travel motors, which not only ensure the size of the installation, but also ensure that more than 80% of the components outside the reducer can be used interchangeably, including planetary gears, planetary gear bearings without spacers, planet carriers, internal ring gears, etc. Important parts.

Features: Hydraulic transmission

1. Compact, space-saving 2-stage or 3-stage planetary transmission.

2. It can be matched with the qualitative variable hydraulic travel motor (A2FE, A2FM, A6VE).

3. The shape and performance of the installation can completely exchange Rexroth products.

4. Consolidated bearing structure and partial components of the supporting equipment.

5. Built-in multi-plate parking brake.

6. The music is low and the operation is bumpy.

7. Long life and easy oil change.

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