The hydraulic motor does not turn or crawl, what is the cause of oil leakage?

When the hydraulic travel motor is working, there will be a failure of the motor to rotate or crawl. How is this fault caused? There are three reasons for this:

(1) The tightening screw is tightened too tightly: if the tightening screw is tightened too tightly, the flat surface of the part will be too tight, which will cause the motor to run out or directly jam. The solution is to tighten the screws within the specified torque range.

(2) The bite between the output shaft and the casing: When the clearance between the output shaft and the casing is too small, the motor will bite or crawl, which may occur when the hydraulic oil contains impurities. The solution is to replace the output shaft with the housing.

(3) The mating plane matching clearance of the stator body is too small: as mentioned before, the plane clearance of the stator body of the BMR series motor should be roughly controlled within the range of 0.03mm-0.04mm. If the clearance is less than 0.03, the cycloid may occur. When the wheel and the front side panel or the rear side panel bite, it will be found that the final drives is not evenly operated, or one card or one card. If the situation is serious, the motor will be directly killed, resulting in no rotation. Treatment method: Grinding the plane of the reel to control the plane clearance of the stator body within the standard range.

There are three reasons for oil spills:

(1) Oil leakage at the shaft end: Due to the frictional state of the oil seal and the output shaft during the daily use of the motor, the oil seal and the shaft contact surface will inevitably wear out. If the final drive motor seal exceeds a certain limit, the oil seal will lose the sealing effect, resulting in leakage. oil. Solution: The oil seal needs to be replaced. If the output shaft is worn out, the output shaft must be replaced at the same time.

(2) Motor pinch oil leakage: if the "O" ring between the motor housing and the front side plate, or the front side plate and the stator body, or between the stator body and the rear side plate is aged or crushed, if it occurs In this case, you only need to replace the “O” ring.

(3) Oil leakage at the cover: The “O” ring under the cover is crushed or aged and loses the sealing effect. The probability of this happening is very low. If it happens, just replace the “O” ring.

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