The difference between crawler type walking device and tire type

The crawler type final drives walking device is composed of "four wheels and one belt" (ie, driving wheel, guide wheel, roller, roller, and track), tensioning device and buffer spring, traveling mechanism, walking frame and the like.

When the excavator is running, the driving wheel generates a pulling force on the tight side of the track—the driving section and the grounding section (supporting section), in an attempt to pull the crawler from the roller, because there is enough between the track under the roller and the ground. Adhesion prevents the pull-out of the track, forcing the drive wheel to reel the track, and the guide wheel lays the track on the ground, allowing the excavator to run forward along the track track.

Hydraulically driven crawler travel motor parts device, when the excavator is steered by a travel motor mounted on two crawler belts and powered by two hydraulic pumps respectively (using a special control valve to operate with an oil pump) Road control, it is convenient to achieve steering or local turning to adapt to the excavator movement on various grounds and sites. Hydraulic transmission

Compared with the tracked hydraulic excavator final drive parts running gear, the main features of the tire type walking device are:

(1) The ground is required to be flat and solid so as not to make the rim too deep, increase the driving resistance and steering resistance of the excavator, and affect the stability of the excavator.

(2) The walking speed of the tire excavator usually does not exceed 20km/h, and the climbing ability is 40%-60%.

(3) In order to improve the off-road performance of the excavator, it is recommended to use all-wheel drive and hydraulic suspension to balance the swing shaft. Supported by hydraulic legs during operation, the front and rear axles are unloaded and the stability of the whole machine is improved.

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