Sumitomo 100A1 excavator walks on the right side, the unilateral will not go

Excavator failure phenomenon:

10000 hours Sumitomo 100A1 excavator is not able to walk right, the unilateral will not go, the left side can be, sometimes the right side suddenly does not move, the support does not turn (no change before and after), the rotation is also weak, the speed is slow, It is better to turn off the fire and start again. What is the problem?

Sumitomo 100A1 excavator is unable to walk on the right side, and the unilateral basic will not go wrong. Possible reasons:

1 A1 machine's common problem, check the final drive motors, the two main oil pipes on the distribution valve are swapped, see if the fault will change? Negative control solenoid valve wash.

2 Change the center oil seal.

The Sumitomo 100A1 excavator is walking fast, the fast gear is slow, and the pressure is normal. How is it going?

1 The sensor voltage signal is incorrect, causing the computer to issue a wrong command. The hydraulic final drive is too large and the displacement is too large. Replace the sensor.

2 The throttle is slowing down.

Sumitomo 100A1 excavator chassis drip hydraulic oil may be multi-way valve oil leakage, the cab is also leaking underneath, where is the problem?

1 Disassemble all, clean the leaking oil, start the car, do the action, see where to leak and remove it. Where the oil spills, grab the action, remove it and use the saw blade to scrape the tubing and the interface. Touch it by hand to see if there is any unevenness. When tightening the screw, it is better to move the nut without moving the oil pipe. Try to make the travel motors oil pipe move less. If the above process is not enough, then only the thread glue can be applied.

2 The pilot hose is loose, just tighten it with a wrench.

3 Wrench removes Ross to see if the tubing is worn under the cab or the fitting is loose.

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