Strengthening on-site maintenance management of control motor oil pollution

(1) Check the cleanliness of the oil. When checking the cleanliness of the equipment, the cleanliness of the system oil, fuel tank and oil filter should be checked at the same time, and the upper, middle and lower rating system of the cleanliness of the hydraulic final drive equipment should be established. The travel motor system for critical equipment must be spot-checked.

(2) Establish a primary maintenance system for the travel motor system. When developing equipment-level maintenance content, it is necessary to increase the specific maintenance content of the hydraulic device.

(3) Periodically sample and test the oil. The oil sample should be extracted regularly and quantitatively, and the size and quantity or weight of the impurity particles in the unit volume oil sample should be checked and qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed to determine whether the oil needs to be replaced.

1 Take the oil sample time: For the hydraulic equipment that has specified the oil change interval, the oil that is being used can be sampled and tested one week before the oil change; for the newly changed oil, after 1000 hours of cumulative work, the sample should be tested. The oil used in large precision hydraulic final drive motor equipment in the enterprise should be sampled and tested after 600 hours of use.

2 When taking the oil sample, first clean the oil container, do not use dirty containers to ensure the data is accurate, the specific method of taking the oil sample is as follows:

When the travel motor system is not working (ie, at rest), the same number of oil samples can be taken in the upper, middle and lower parts of the fuel tank respectively, and then tested after stirring; when the hydraulic system is working, it can be in the total back of the system. The oil sample is taken from the oil pipe mouth; the amount of oil sample required for the test is generally 300-500mL/time; the test is carried out according to the oil test procedure, and the test result is filled into the oil test sheet, and the cause of the change of the physical and chemical indicators of the oil is analyzed in advance. Troubleshoot the problem and save it to the device file.

(4) Regular cleaning. Regularly remove dirt from the filter, filter element, fuel tank, tubing and components. Also pay attention to cleaning when disassembling components. Seal all plastic ports with a plug or plastic cloth to prevent dirt from entering the system.

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