Problems that should be paid attention to when using hydraulic motors

1. When the inertia of the driven part is large, if it is required to reach the braking or the reverse or the smooth in a short time, the safety valve buffer should be set in the returning oil circuit to prevent the sudden hydraulic shock and cause the damage accident.

2. When using the fixed motor, if you want to start and stop smoothly, you should use the necessary pressure control or flow control method in the circuit design.

3. When the hydraulic final drive motor is used as a lifting tool or a power unit of a traveling device, a speed limiting valve must be provided to prevent the heavy object from falling rapidly or the over speed of the traveling mechanism such as the vehicle when the vehicle is going downhill, causing a serious accident.

4. Since there is always leakage of the hydraulic motor, the intake and outlet of the hydraulic motor are closed for braking, and it will still have a slow slip. When braking for a long time, a brake to prevent rotation should be separately provided.

5. When the full load start is required, the hydraulic motor starting torque value should be noted, because the hydraulic motor starting torque is smaller than the rated torque, and if it is ignored, the working mechanism will not operate.

6. Since the back pressure (outlet pressure) of the hydraulic motor is higher than the atmospheric pressure, the drain pipe of the motor must be separately led back to the fuel tank and cannot be connected to the hydraulic motor return line.

How to repair a damaged hydraulic motor?

1. The stator (oil distribution shaft) and the rotor (cylinder) bearing hole of the radial piston type final drives are precisely matched with the coupling parts. When the stator (oil distribution shaft) is subjected to the radial unbalanced hydraulic pressure, it is easy to The cylinder (rotor) hole is worn, the gap after the wear is not compensated, and the leakage is large. The principle of remanufacturing repair is to restore the original matching clearance between the rotor and the stator. Under the condition that the rigidity of the cylinder itself is not affected, the cylinder is boring according to the wear condition; the stator (oil shaft) is plated with hard chrome and grinding. Cutting to restore the original performance and fit clearance of the machine.

2. Repair of the inner curved surface stator and plunger. The high-pressure oil from the hydraulic pump is distributed to the radial piston of the cylinder (rotor) through the oil inlet hole of the stator oil distribution shaft, and the other end of the piston is connected with the roller, and the roller is pressed against the inner surface with the eccentric stroke by the back pressure. On the stator, the piston is at the top dead center position. When the roller is in contact with the high point of the curved surface of the stator, the piston is at the bottom dead center position, and the oil that is pressed back flows back to the oil tank through the oil return hole on the oil distribution shaft. The driving cylinder (rotor) is rotated by the driving torque generated by the reciprocating motion of each piston in the cylinder (rotor) hole, and is transmitted from the main shaft. If the wear of the plunger and the rotor hole is severe, the torque and the pulsation of the motor will be affected, and if the roller member at the front of the plunger and the guide rail of the inner curved surface of the stator are severely worn, pressure pulsation and impact will also occur. The overall wear of the inner curved stator is severely required to replace the stator components. The local wear is repaired by laser cladding and wear-resistant alloy; the piston hole on the piston and the rotor is worn out, the piston hole is boring, and the oversized piston is replaced. Individual pistons and holes wear out of tolerance and adopt a separate processing method.

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