Overflow valve, shuttle valve, check valve function of travel motor

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

In the final drive motors, there are several components such as the relief valve, the shuttle valve, and the check valve. Next, let us introduce what the functions of these components are.

1. Relief valve: Through the overflow of the valve port, avoiding the pressure shock in the hydraulic system or the oil circuit, so that the system does not work beyond a certain set pressure, and is equivalent to the buffer valve and the safety valve on the traveling motor. System buffer protection;

2. Check valve: Controls the unidirectional flow of hydraulic oil. When the motor is in normal working condition, the one-way valve is closed. When the motor is in inertia, it is prevented from being evacuated, so that the check valve is opened by replenishing the oil. At present, the company's production of travel motors, there are two kinds of check valves and variable displacement control check valves, in order to control high pressure oil can only flow in one direction.

3. Shuttle valve: It is the function of shut-off or reversing of the reversing valve, thus changing the direction of the oil passage, belonging to the series of three-position five-way valves. https://www.spfinaldrives.com/

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