O-ring failure repair method for walking device

SP is mainly engaged in research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of hydraulic final drive devices in construction machinery, mining machinery, pile machinery and other industries. The research and development covers 1.5T-36T hydraulic crawler drive device, achieving medium, small and micro-series layout, and has become the professional manufacturer of crawler drive devices with the largest variety and the largest batch size at home and abroad.

Years of contact with various types of machinery manufacturers and end customers, we found some repair methods for the O-ring of the final drive motors during use. Below, we will give a brief introduction to the repair method of the failure of the O-ring of the walking device.

The hydraulic seal, that is, the running device seal, can be used in the working process. The connection is beautiful and the reliability of the whole machine is very important. With the aging and wear of the seal, there will be leakage and internal leakage. The phenomenon of leakage occurs, and the repair method is as follows:

1. According to the different installation methods of O-ring, it can be divided into three types: circumferential seal, end seal and unusable corner seal. When the circumferential seal produces oil leakage, the two sides of the joint can be disassembled to observe the aging degree of the O-ring, the size of the inner and outer gaps, and the corresponding replacement or repair can be performed;

2. The face seal and the angle seal are mainly based on the tightness of the bolt. After a long period of equipment operation and loosening of the bolt caused by the vibration, leakage occurs, and the bolt tightening torque of the part is checked. If the oil leakage cannot be ruled out, Replace the new O-ring of the same model. https://www.spfinaldrives.com/

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