Maintenance of the tracked final drive motor is quite important

Although today's science and technology are very developed, there are always certain problems in the process of using the crawler motor. The occurrence of the problem will have a great impact on people. Therefore, the maintenance work of the final drive motors is very good. Importantly, the failure rate can be greatly reduced.

1. In order to ensure that the traveling motor does not malfunction during the use, it is necessary to ensure that the machine has a good working environment. In the process of running the machine, a forced cooling method must be adopted to control the oil temperature to avoid malfunction.

2. The operator of the final drives needs to pay attention to the operation of the machine. The operation of the machine needs to follow a certain process. In order to ensure the safety of the machine and the operator, the corresponding inspection work must be done before the machine is officially used. The situation must be resolved in a timely manner.

3. After the crawler travel motor is used for a period of time, the lubricant should be added regularly to the parts, which can greatly reduce the failure of the machine during use and ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Doing a good job of the tracked travel motor can not only reduce the probability of failure during use, but also effectively extend the service life.

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