Maintenance and precautions for hydraulic transmissions and hydraulic systems

 The hydraulic transmission is composed of a hydraulic motor and a reducer.

The working fluid of the hydraulic final drive motor is No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil. The pressure oil is supplied by the hydraulic system to convert the pressure energy into mechanical energy, and then the torque output is obtained through the reducer. The 90th industrial gear oil is added to the reducer. The oil change cycle of the gear oil of the normal reducer is: the first oil change is carried out after 3 months of operation, and the oil change cycle is 6 months later to ensure the normal lubrication of the reducer. The hydraulic system has the same oil change interval. It should be noted that after the hydraulic oil is released, the inside of the tank must be thoroughly cleaned, because the hydraulic system will deposit a thick layer of oily impurities at the bottom of the tank after several months of operation. These oily impurities are fatal to the hydraulic system, often causing the hydraulic valve to become stuck and the hydraulic pump and final drives to wear out. Therefore, clean oil plays a key role in the normal operation of the entire excavator.

Other maintenance of the hydraulic system: Regularly check whether the oil suction filter and the return oil filter are blocked for about one month. If there is any impurity, it must be eliminated immediately. You can also listen to the sound of the hydraulic system during normal operation. If there is abnormal noise, Immediately overhaul. When the pump is in the state of suction, it will produce foam and make an abnormal sound, so listening to the sound of the hydraulic pump station frequently can also avoid system failure.

In addition, always pay attention to the temperature of the oil temperature gauge. Excavators generally work continuously, and oil temperature control is particularly important because the increase in oil temperature can cause increased wear on all hydraulic components. It is recommended that the index of the oil temperature gauge be below 50 degrees, because the oil temperature gauge shows the temperature of the hydraulic fuel tank. If the oil temperature gauge is displayed at 50 degrees, the actual travel motors and hydraulic pump have been working at about 65 degrees, so the oil The temperature of the thermometer must be controlled below 50 degrees. It is recommended that the hydraulic system of each farm be equipped with a water cooler to greatly improve the service life of the excavator.

The hydraulic transmission is an actuator on the excavator, so it is especially important. We must always maintain, in addition to periodically replacing the gear oil of the reducer, we must also pay attention to the following when replacing the hydraulic transmission: 1 It is necessary to ensure the parallelism between each hydraulic transmission and the turntable, to ensure that the rubber wheel and the turntable are Parallel engagement, if you find that the rubber wheel is very easy to wear or the hydraulic transmission is often damaged, you should pay attention. 2 One turntable is driven by 4 hydraulic transmissions. When installing, it is necessary to ensure that the four transmissions are balanced by force. That is to say, the tight tension of the spring is very important. If the adjusted too loose transmission can not output torque, If it is too tight, it will cause damage to the transmission bearing and serious wear of the rubber wheel. Therefore, reasonable installation is also to ensure the normal operation of the milk carousel. 3 The hydraulic motor leaks immediately after the oil pipe is out, ensuring that the hydraulic motor housing is filled with hydraulic oil, because the lubrication of the hydraulic motor depends on the hydraulic oil itself, and the leaking oil pipe must be directly returned to the fuel tank, not connected to the main return oil circuit or This problem has occurred before it was received on the oil return filter. The leaking oil pipe is returned to the fuel tank and then connected to the oil return filter. At that time, the oil return filter blockage causes the leaked oil to be oil-free and returns to the fuel tank. The pressure of the hydraulic motor casing rises and causes oil leakage, so the leaking oil pipe must be directly returned to the oil tank. 4 When the maintenance personnel find that the output of the excavator is weak, the amount of oil flowing out of the leaking oil pipe of the hydraulic motor can be checked. The excavator is driven by 4 hydraulic motors. Each hydraulic motor has a separate leaking oil pipe. Maintenance personnel can judge whether the hydraulic motor works normally according to the leakage oil from each hydraulic motor. If the hydraulic motor leaks out, If it is sprayed, the hydraulic motor is damaged and should be replaced as soon as possible. If the leakage oil from the four hydraulic motors is normal and the rotary machine is still weak, the rubber wheel should be inspected for normal meshing. If the rubber wheel is normal, the cause may be that the hydraulic pump is damaged or the hydraulic valve is stuck.

In order to ensure the normal continuous operation of each excavator, daily maintenance is indispensable. Through daily maintenance and overhaul, some problems can be found early to avoid major accidents. It is also important to do some technical training for maintenance personnel to improve the technical level.

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