KYB excavator travel motor main part introduction

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

1, motor introduction

The MAG series motor is a travel motor designed for crawler excavators. It is a high-torque motor with a rotating housing. The motor is connected to a rotary planetary gear reducer that can be mounted in the track by connecting the sprocket and the motor housing.

2, motor assembly introduction

The motor is mainly composed of a housing, a core component, a brake component, a control rear end cover, a seal, and a standard part.

The MAG series hydraulic final drive motors have the following features:

1 Straight cylinder body plane distribution, the distribution plate adopts copper alloy sintering process.

2 hollow plunger, anti-ball sliding shoe structure, sliding shoe using copper alloy sintering process and nitriding treatment.

3 pairs of deep groove ball bearings.

4 concentrated spring + thimble.

5 ball hinge + return disk structure.

6 variable plunger + swashplate + variable mode of supporting steel ball.

7 Brake spring + brake piston + friction plate mechanical brake.

8 fluoro rubber rotary seal.

9 double balance valve + double buffer relief valve.

10 external pilot + automatic variable control.

3. Introduction of core components

The core components are mainly composed of main shaft, cylinder block, swash plate, plunger assembly, valve plate, ball joint, return plate, variable assembly, concentrated spring and bearing.

3.1 cylinder

The cylinder body is a conventional 9-plunger cylinder body, and the plane is distributed. The internal spline on the cylinder body cooperates with the main shaft to drive the main shaft to rotate, and the external spline cooperates with the dynamic friction plate of the brake disc to realize the parking brake function.

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