Komatsu PC120 excavator final drive motor troubleshooting

Komatsu excavator repair "excavator walking deviation" model:

Komatsu PC120-6 excavator final drives, Komatsu PC240-8 excavator walking deviation, Komatsu PC150LC-6 walking deviation, Komatsu PC200-8 walking deviation, Komatsu PC130-7 walking deviation.

Failure phenomenon:

A PC120-6 model of Komatsu's machine, when excavating the earthwork on the construction site, the phenomenon of the excavator final drive motors, what caused it?

Komatsu PC120 excavator walking deviation troubleshooting

Failure analysis:

1 It may be a balancing valve in which the dirt such as dirt enters the parking brake oil circuit on the side of the excavator;

2 It is also possible that the sealing ring of the Komatsu 120 center swivel joint is damaged, and a seal ring is replaced;

3 It is also possible that dirt such as dirt will block the small hole of the balancing valve in the final drive system, and the parking brake force of the excavator cannot be released;

4 There may also be damage to the walking suction valve on the side of the excavator;

5 or the running main valve spool damaged on one side causes the malfunction;

6 It is also possible that the output pressure of the running proportional valve on the side of the deviation is that the pressure control is too low;

7 Another possibility is that the walking suction valve on the side of the deviation is broken, try another oil suction valve;

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