In the travel motor, the jam reason of the motor cylinder and the plunger body.

There are many reasons for the cylinder (rotor) of the traveling motor and the clamping of the plunger body (holding the cylinder). There are two main situations, which are likely to cause this phenomenon.

First, the test can be tested before leaving the factory:

1. The matching clearance between the cylinder and the plunger body is unqualified;

2. The burr at the empty sipe at the bottom of the cylinder cannot be completely removed;

Second, the user's use process:

1. The cleanliness of the hydraulic oil is insufficient to cause the plunger body to be stuck;

2, long time high speed driving, resulting in high temperatures.

In short, the cylinder and the plunger body are one of the precision parts inside the final drive motor, and are processed strictly according to the process during the processing; the customer strictly follows the "instruction manual" during operation.

The series of crawler drive units manufactured by SP are compact, beautiful in appearance and superior in performance. They can directly replace imported products and are widely used in a variety of equipment. If you are interested in our products or would like more details, please feel free to contact us.

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