Hyundai 215-7 hydraulic excavator does not move while walking

Excavator failure phenomenon:

     1 brand model?

     2 hours?

     3 Is there any malfunction other than travel motors?

     Through the above three questions, I learned that the Hyundai 215-7 excavator has more than 6,000 hours, but now it is only final drive motors without moving, and other actions are normal."

    "Modern 215-7 hydraulic excavator does not move while walking" analysis of possible causes of failure:

     1 Disassemble the final drive mechanism (the gear is ground), it is recommended to open the inspection.

     2 In addition, does the operating handle engine sound? If the sound does not change, the relief valve is issued.

     Extended reading:

     After more than 6,000 hours of modern 215-7 hydraulic excavator, the arm will still be lost after changing the cylinder. What happened?

     1 The controller's spool may be damaged.

     2 The valve plug or valve body is worn out.

 3 The relief valve and the main spool will cause the arm to fall.

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