Hydraulic motor repair steps

Hydraulic motor repair:

1. The repair of the final drive parts of the stator and rotor is repaired, lightly pulled or worn by deburring and grinding. If the wear is severe, the outer circle can be repaired by brushing, or the wire can be cut by wire cutting after machining. Replace the new parts after heat treatment.

The repair of the stator is as follows: if the needle is needled, the hair is slightly pulled or worn, and the burr is used for grinding. If the wear is serious, the new needle can be enlarged for the outer diameter; if it is not the needle, it can be the same as the rotor. Processing replacement.

2. Repair of oil distribution shaft or oil distribution plate

The oil distribution shaft is repaired, lightly pulled or worn, deburred, and ground. In severe cases, the outer circle can be repaired or reworked.

The repair of the oil distribution plate is, the A surface is worn and pulled, and the slight one is ground and reused; in severe cases, it can be used after flat grinding and surface nitriding.

Oil distribution plate

Grinding or grinding surface repair

Disassembly method:

l, the motor is clamped on the vise

2, remove the end cap

3, unload the motor core

4, remove the final drives shaft

5, the shell U-turn clip on the vise upper ring

6, remove the shaft seal related parts

7, check the shaft seal related parts damage h, step 8, ready to disassemble the oil seal tool

8. Use special tools to remove the shaft seal and dust seal i, step 10, and take the plug

9, pull out or insert the output shaft

10. Install the sealing ring such as oil seal and dust ring into the flange cover with the inner jacket tool.

11, the output shaft is inserted into the body shell

12, into the flange cover

13. Clip the mounted parts on the vise

14, as a symbol into the motor core

15, install the back cover

Precautions when reinstalling the travel motor

When the travel motor is reinstalled, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. When disassembling the motor, first remove the oil pipe, and immediately seal the oil ports on the oil pump and the oil pipe to ensure that no dust or the like enters the pipe;

2. When installing the final drive motor, it must be "stable" rather than "fast";

3. After all the oil pipes are installed, the air in the motor should be discharged;

4. After the installation is completed, add a proper amount of new clean hydraulic oil to the motor;

5. Check the oil motor and idle for about ten minutes at idle speed to check if there is any oil leakage.

6. Operate the joystick at a slow speed to rotate the mixer drum in a slower feed direction for 20 minutes in one direction;

7. Pull the joystick back to the middle position. After the stirring stops, the oil can be replenished for normal use. https://www.spfinaldrives.com/

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