Hydraulic motor hydraulic system cleanliness measurement standard and method

Shake the rinsing method to write a certain amount of cleaning test solution into the component and seal the component, and shake the final drives component vigorously by mechanical means, so that the pollutants inside the component are completely flushed into the test liquid, and then the contamination of the experimental liquid is determined.

The swaying method is a simple and easy method for detecting the cleanliness of components. It is mainly used for static components such as pipes, fittings, hoses, filter housings and fuel tanks.

The experimental table flushing method connects the components into the pre-purified experimental platform system, so that the experimental liquid circulates through the components, and the pollutants inside the components are flushed into the experimental liquid, and then the sample liquid is collected from the system for the pollution degree determination.

The bench flushing method is primarily used to detect the cleanliness of dynamic components such as hydraulic oil pumps, final drive motors, hydraulic cylinders, and various hydraulic valve components.

After disassembling the rinsing method, after completely cleaning the outside of the component, disassemble the components, carefully rinse the wetted area of ​​the part with a cleaning agent, then collect all the solvents and measure the degree of contamination.

In addition, if the cleaning process after component mounting is combined with the component cleanliness inspection, the cleanliness of the components can be well controlled and the testing process can be simplified. When the component is cleaned and meets the specified cleanliness requirements, it can be seen that the component and hydraulic motor hydraulic system are integrated and have the same degree of contamination. In this way, the measured hydraulic contamination of the hydraulic motor hydraulic system is also the cleanliness of the components, and no volume conversion is required. https://www.spfinaldrives.com/

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