Hydraulic motor development trend

As we all know, the hydraulic travel motor has two inlet and outlet ports. If the pressure level of the inlet and outlet ports is higher, the torque of the output shaft is larger, and the pressure is proportional to the torque. The motor is often said to be "very powerful". It means that the pressure on it will be great. However, due to many factors such as design mechanism, material properties, heat treatment, manufacturing precision, assembly clearance, seal pressure resistance, cleanliness, etc., the maximum withstand voltage values ​​of each type of motor or even each motor are different, and this difference It often determines the market application range of each type of final drive motor or the service life of each motor.

High-pressure hydraulic motor is the only way to develop. Let me briefly talk about the convenience and benefits brought by high-voltage motor use to customers. For example, if there are two companies of the same type of hydraulic motors a and b, their maximum pressure distribution is 10mpa and 20mpa, then it may mean that if the customer achieves the same output force, the hydraulic motor will be compared with the displacement of the b hydraulic motor. Doubled or doubled in number, so the customer's complete equipment will not only increase in size, weight, and cost, but also the corresponding hydraulic fuel supply pump and even the entire hydraulic system will increase. In short, the high-pressure hydraulic final drives can make the OEM equipment more compact, better performance, higher efficiency, lower cost and higher safety factor. At present, the market is increasingly pressing for feedback on motor pressure levels. Because of the fierce competition in the market, these factors are likely to determine the survival fate of hydraulic manufacturers.

China's industrialization development is fast-paced, focusing on product reliability and low cost, so hydraulic motors must continue to move toward high pressure, otherwise it will only be a matter of time. We believe that only solid basic skills can make products become more and more perfect, and in addition to the continuous innovation of products, design structure, material type, heat treatment, sealing structure and other factors, they directly determine the difference in motor pressure levels. Therefore, we should constantly try to innovate and verify with higher goals, and strive to promote the high pressure of hydraulic motors. We believe that we can go further on this road. https://www.spfinaldrives.com/

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