Hydraulic motor cleaning steps

The hydraulic final drive motor is usually flushed before it is put into use. The purpose of the flushing is to remove the contaminants, metal chips, fiber compounds, iron core, etc. remaining in the motor. In the first two hours of operation, even if the motor is not completely damaged, Will cause a series of failures. So you should follow the steps below to clean the motor oil circuit:

1) Clean the tank with an easy-to-dry cleaning solvent and remove the solvent residue with filtered air.

2) Clean all the pipes of the travel motor. In some cases, the pipes and joints need to be impregnated.

3) Install oil filter in the pipeline to protect the oil supply line and pressure line of the valve.

4) Install a flushing plate on the current collector instead of a precision valve, such as an electro-hydraulic servo valve.

5) Check that all pipe sizes are appropriate and that the connections are correct.

Precautions when reinstalling the hydraulic motor

When the hydraulic motor is reinstalled, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. When disassembling the final drives, first remove the oil pipe, and immediately seal the oil ports on the oil pump and the oil pipe to ensure that no dust or the like enters the pipe;

2. When installing the motor, it must be "stable" rather than "fast";

3. After all the oil pipes are installed, the air in the motor should be discharged;

4. After the installation is completed, add a proper amount of new clean hydraulic oil to the motor;

5. Check the oil motor and idle for about ten minutes at idle speed to check if there is any oil leakage.

6. Operate the joystick at a slow speed to rotate the mixer drum in a slower feed direction for 20 minutes in one direction;

7. Pull the joystick back to the middle position. After the stirring stops, the oil can be replenished for normal use. https://www.spfinaldrives.com/

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