Hydraulic final drives motors' speed is too low

 SPfinaldrive is a company that specializes in selling hydraulic components such as excavators. Let's analyze and understand why.

Hydraulic final drive motors speed is too low and torque is small

A. The hydraulic pump does not supply enough oil - the elimination method:

1 The prime mover does not have enough speed - the elimination method: find out the cause and make adjustments

2 suction filter filter plugging - troubleshooting: cleaning or replacing the filter

3 Insufficient oil in the fuel tank or too small suction pipe diameter causes oil absorption difficulties - Exclusion method: increase the oil volume, increase the pipe diameter properly, and make the oil absorption smooth

4The seal is not strict, there is leakage, the air invades the inside - the elimination method: tighten the joint to prevent leakage or air intrusion

5 oil boring is too large - exclusion method: choose a small oil

6 Hydraulic pump axial and radial clearance is too large, internal leakage increases - Remedy: Proper repair of hydraulic pump

7 variable mechanism failure - trouble shooting method: repair or replacement

B, the hydraulic pump output oil pressure is insufficient

1 Final drives efficiency is too low - troubleshooting method: check and eliminate hydraulic pump failure

2 The relief valve adjusts the pressure too low or malfunctions - Remedy: Check the relief valve failure, re-adjust the pressure after removal

3 oil pipe resistance is too large (pipe is too long or too thin) - exclusion method: replace the pipe with larger diameter or minimize the length

4 oil tariness is small, internal leakage is large - exclusion method: check the sealing of the internal leakage part, replace the oil or seal

Hydraulic motor speed is too low and torque is small

C, hydraulic travel motors leakage

1The hydraulic motor joint surface is not tightened or the seal is not good, resulting in leakage - Remedy: Tighten the joint to check the seal or replace the seal

2The internal parts of the hydraulic motor are worn and the leakage is serious – the method of elimination: check the damaged part, and repair or replace the parts.

D, hydraulic motor damage

The support spring of the oil distribution plate is fatigued and loses its function - the elimination method: check and replace the support spring

        Sometimes the hydraulic motor has a low speed and low torque. We don't just need to check the hydraulic motor itself, because the cause of this phenomenon may also be a problem with the hydraulic pump. This requires us to have sufficient experience to judge the source of the fault when carrying out the maintenance of the hydraulic motor, instead of checking one by one, wasting time and energy, and delaying the construction period.

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