How to store the final drive motor when not in use?

The field of mobile final drive motor applications is very extensive, and plays a decisive role in the construction industry, construction machinery industry, coal mining, and petrochemical industry. So how do we store the travel motor when it is not in use?

1. When the travel motor is not in use, it should be cleaned up. The surface of the travel motor must not have any oil or impurities. Because the oil is very easy to adhere to dust, the staff must clean the surface before storing.

Second, the environment around the final drives should be dry and ventilated. If this requirement is not met, it is not acceptable. Because if the humidity in the surrounding air is too heavy, the traveling motor is prone to rust, which shortens its service life.

3. When the travel motor is used for cleaning, the cleaning agent selected for use is preferably neutral, so as to ensure that it is not corroded by chemical solvents.

4. It is best not to have any items around the travel motor, as this will easily affect the performance of the travel motor. If you continue to use it next time, there may be no previous performance.

Fifth, put the other party on the shelf, can not be stacked together, so it is easy to cause scratches and deformation.

Sixth, when storing, be sure to put it in the carton, this is also to prevent another dirty.

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