How to reduce the wear of the final drive device

As we all know, the final drives of the excavator is mainly composed of a driving wheel, a carrier sprocket wheel, a roller and a chain link. Every operation is indispensable to operate, so after a certain period of operation, these parts will wear to varying degrees. Here, we can share some routine maintenance methods to reduce the wear of the excavator travel motors and avoid the need for a lot of time and effort to repair it in the future.

Method for reducing wear of crawler excavator travel device

First point: If you find a roller that cannot be operated due to a fault, repair it immediately.

If there is a part of the carrier roller or the roller that cannot continue to operate, continuing to use it under such conditions may cause the roller to be worn off and may even cause wear of the rail link. Therefore, when a roller such as this cannot be operated, it is necessary to perform repair immediately so that other faults can be avoided in time.

Second point: Try to avoid the excavator final drive motors on the inclined ground or suddenly turning.

Repeated walking on the inclined ground for a long time and sudden steering will cause the side of the rail link to meet the side of the drive wheel and the guide wheel, resulting in increased wear. Therefore, as long as possible, straight line travel and large turn can be selected during the operation to prevent excessive wear.

The third point: regular inspection, reinforcement bolts, nuts, can effectively reduce track wear.

Roller wheels, track shoe bolts, drive wheel mounting bolts, walking pipe bolts, etc., are easily loosened due to vibration due to long-term operation of the equipment. If the equipment continues to operate with the track shoe bolts loose, a gap may be created between the bolts and the track shoes, causing cracks in the track shoes. The generation of the gap may also increase the bolt holes between the track and the rail links, resulting in no way to tighten, resulting in the necessity of having to change the track and rail links.

Despite the small details that cause the excavator's track to wear, it is these small details that, if not noticed, can cause major failures and consequences.

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