How to choose the right excavator rubber crawler chassis, hydraulic motor

The rubber crawler chassis itself occupies a large area. The width, thickness and weight of the wheel are not comparable to the general chassis. The pressure on the ground is very high, and the corresponding friction with the ground is also strong, which can provide the maximum driving force.

      The final drives working principle is basically the same: the rubber crawler chassis surrounds the circulating track on the outer surface of the wheel, so that the wheel does not need to directly contact the ground, and the wheel is better protected. The circulating track directly contacts the ground friction. After starting, the crawler belt is driven by the driving wheel. When the wheel rolls in the driving direction on the track, the crawler will first hit the ground, so that the car can run normally.

      The design method used in the rubber crawler chassis is actually to imitate the tank, that is, a pair of double crawler belts can be arranged on both sides of the chassis, and each driving mechanism is independently installed with a driving wheel, so that each part is closely connected. Drive together to drive the wheel forward.

      The crawler chassis is not widely used in the application field. It is aimed at some special occasions. For example, in the important military parade in the country, there will be many people's soldiers driving tanks to show the military strength. This kind of sound does not occur when moving forward, the vibration generated on the ground is small, and the seat inside is very comfortable. In addition to military, it is also very popular in the large machine industry. For example, the servo press machine needs such a crawler chassis, and there is no difference in function.

      There are various types of excavator hydraulic travel motors in the market, and these different types of motors have different applications in the application, so it is required to know more details when purchasing, and to better complete the selection work by prior knowledge, the following To make a brief summary of the problem, I hope that the following summary will help those in need.

      Understand your own needs: People need to understand the basic needs to better complete the purchase of hydraulic motors for excavators, because there are many types of motors in the market, and only by using their own needs as a basis for purchase can they better complete their work.

      Learn about other types of motors: Since different types of excavator hydraulic motors have different effects and their range of use is different, people can understand this type or other types of motors in order to better complete their purchases.

      According to the use requirements: When purchasing the hydraulic final drive motor of the excavator, it must be purchased according to its requirements. The most important part is to purchase according to the actual demand, so that the most suitable products can be selected in many similar products to function in the application. It is necessary for people to pay great attention to this when purchasing.

      When purchasing the hydraulic motor of the excavator, pay attention to the problems mentioned above. Only the final work effect can be more guaranteed.

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