How does the final drive motor prevent oil leakage?

Measures to prevent oil spills:

1. From the analysis and calculation of the previous chapter (analysis of hydraulic final drive motor oil leakage), the oil leakage is caused by the high pressure in the motor casing. Therefore, all measures for preventing leakage should be targeted at decompression. These methods.

2. Reasonable allocation of the drain pipe: Many final drive technicians do not pay much attention to the configuration of the drain pipe. It is considered that as long as it is directly returned to the fuel tank, the size of the pipe diameter does not matter. From the calculation formula of the resistance along the path, it can be seen that the resistance and the pipe diameter are 5 times square inversely, under the same other conditions, as long as the diameter of the drain pipe is changed to 10, the resistance along the path: Pf = 0.15 MPa. In this case, the requirements for the drain pressure can be fully met.

3. In addition, pay attention to the influence of the length of the pipe, because there is a linear relationship between the pipe length and the resistance along the path. Under the same conditions, for the travel motors if the pipe length is doubled, the resistance will also double, so when the drain pipe is long, Cause special attention.

4. Reasonably determine the flushing oil flow rate, because the flushing oil flow rate is too small to achieve the effect of cooling, but the flushing resistance will increase when the flushing is too large.

5. The correct flushing flow can be referred to the technical data of the manufacturer or calculated according to the heat balance conditions.

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