How do users choose a reasonable type of hydraulic motor?

The hydraulic final drive motor of the same basic type has three kinds of pressure levels. The rated pressure is 10, 16, 20MPa, and the peak pressure is 16, 25, 31.5MPa respectively. How to choose a suitable model for the main engine? First of all, we should consider improving the transmission efficiency. For the transmission efficiency, the low speed and the high torque, the main factor affecting the overall efficiency of the transmission is the volumetric efficiency. For the hydraulic device with the same transmission power, the system working pressure can be significantly improved. Volumetric efficiency, so the rated pressure should be 10MPa at this time, and the actual working pressure should be selected lower. When the transmission power is smaller, the lower the working speed, the lower the working pressure is. On the contrary, for the working condition with large transmission power and high rotation speed, the main factor affecting the total efficiency of the transmission at this time is the mechanical efficiency. Therefore, the model with rated pressure of 16 or 20 MPa should be selected at this time. Secondly, for working conditions with low speed stability requirements, the larger the hydraulic motor displacement should be, the better the low speed stability is. It is also related to the working pressure. The lower the working pressure, the better the low speed stability.

How to choose a reasonable model for travel motors with different displacements of the same basic type? This is related to the working conditions and service life requirements. For short-term gap operation, the machine with shorter cumulative working time during the overhaul period can use the model with smaller base number, and the longer the running time per day, the service life is required. For long machinery, the model with larger base number should be used as much as possible. If necessary, the high pressure model should be used, but it can be used under low pressure conditions, which can significantly improve the service life because of the service life and use of the hydraulic motor. The pressure is inversely proportional, that is, the use pressure is reduced by half, and the life can be increased by 10 times.

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