Hitachi ZX240-3 excavator of the left final drive motors walks slowly

Failure phenomenon:

A 4300-hour Hitachi ZX240-3 excavator final drives slow-moving reverse speed does not run off, the slow-moving left-handed deviation when walking, the fast-speed walking does not run off."

Hitachi ZX240-3 excavator slow-moving walking left-handed deviation fault inspection and maintenance:

1 In the slow state, the excavator will measure the rotation speed after propping up the crawler belts on both sides, and find that the right side always rotates at the fast speed.

2 Remove the right travel motor speed switching valve and find that the card lag cannot be returned.

Cause: The travel motors speed switching valve in the right final drive motors is stuck.

Fault repair method: cleaning, repair.

Applicable excavator models:

ZX270-3-HCMC, ZX330-3-HCMC, ZX200-3-HCMC, ZX200-HHE, ZX230-HHE, ZX240LC-HHE, ZX270-HHE.

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