Five points of consideration for the use of hydraulic motors

Most of the failure and damage of the hydraulic system are caused by pollution, inadequate maintenance and improper selection of oil. In order to ensure that the hydraulic system is in good performance and its service life is long, it is used reasonably. The SP series hydraulic motor parts pay attention to daily inspection and maintenance. General Considerations for Use SP final drives reminds customers that the precautions in use of the hydraulic station are as follows:

1. At low temperatures, the oil temperature should reach 20 °C or above to permit sequential operation; when the oil temperature is higher than 60 °C, attention should be paid to the system's working conditions.

2. For equipment that has been shut down for more than 4 hours, the hydraulic travel motors should be operated for 5 minutes without any load, and then the actuator should be started.

3. Do not arbitrarily adjust the interlocking device of the electrical control device system, and move the position of each limit switch, stop block and stroke block freely.

4. All kinds of hydraulic elements and accessories are not allowed to be arbitrarily arbitrarily approved by the competent department. The fittings of the internal piston pump should be notified to the relevant departments for analysis and elimination. In addition to the above points, the management of spare parts and hydraulic oil of various types of hydraulic final drives should be done in accordance with relevant regulations.

The precautions mentioned above require the user to carefully arrange, the internal oil pump accessories or the hydraulic system will have some unnecessary damage during the use process, the user and the manufacturer cooperate with the maintenance!

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