Final drive reducer characteristics

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

      The final drive reducer has two different transmission modes, wheeled and crawler. It is the most ideal device in mobile equipment. Not only that, but it is suitable for the use of travel reducer as long as it contains motion or rotation. Its internal parts are They fit tightly together, so they can be installed and used even in harsh environments.

      The main application areas of the travel motor reducer are: it can be used with the track of the excavator, which will speed up the speed; the garbage truck that often transports the garbage in the community is also driven by this drive; the wheat in the house needs to be harvested to operate; Adventure drilling is also required for this equipment crawler drive.

      Different types of use require different types of motors, some require high-speed final drive motors to drive, and some low-speed motors can drive. The travel reducer is best suited for use in some mechanical engineering or other large engineering projects and is used to drive the track. Tires and other devices.

      Since the travel reducer can survive in a tough environment, it proves that it has high temperature resistance and weather resistance, and it is not easily corroded. Due to the compactness of the structure itself, the area occupied during installation is small, saving space for other devices. The gears of the travel reducer are hardened and processed, and the quality of the gears is very good, resulting in better impact resistance of the products. It will not cause great problems for a long time.

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