Excavator walking parts maintenance [practical knowledge]

If the excavator is likened to a person, the walking part of the excavator is equivalent to a human leg. Therefore, the final drives of the excavator are very important originals, and we need to carefully maintain them to ensure that it works well.

Many excavator bosses have a misunderstanding in their understanding. "Hydraulic excavators are mainly used for excavation work, and rarely final drive motor long distances without maintenance of the lower walking body." However, when the lower traveling body fails, it costs a lot of repair costs. The headache is that it causes considerable downtime. In order to reduce the loss of operation and repair costs caused by the shutdown, attention should be paid to the maintenance and inspection of the lower traveling body.

1 After the operation, we not only need to clean the cab but also clean the dirt on the lower final drive parts.

2 Is the carrier roller, the roller and the drive wheel leaking oil?

3 Can the roller and the carrier roller not rotate?

4 Is there any sign of loose bolts?

If one or more of the above-mentioned situations are not taken in time, it will eventually cause serious accidents and cause huge losses to your economy and construction period.

For example, if a small bolt is damaged, it will not be found in time, and the related components will be damaged or even the carrier roller or the roller will be worn away, which will greatly increase the maintenance cost. https://www.spfinaldrives.com/

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