Excavator walking deviation, walking one side slow treatment - dismantle the foot valve

Foot valve

The fault of final drives and singularity has always been the most difficult problem for excavator bosses. Many times, the root cause of problems can not be found, and only the work can be stopped. In fact, many excavator walking problems are caused by walking pedal valves. As a result of the failure, as long as the inspection is careful, the root cause of the failure can be found.

But fortunately, if the root cause of the fault is the foot valve, then the machine can completely handle the fault through disassembly and assembly inspection, which can save a lot of money and make the excavator travel motors in the shortest time. Construction, the following small series will explain the disassembly steps for everyone.

Walking foot valve disassembly assembly

Decomposition essentials

Remove the protective rubber sleeve and remove the fixing bolts of the two foot valves.

Using a hammer, the punch removes the foot valve fixing pin and takes the cam down.

Remove the fixing bolts of the two cover plates and take off the cover.

Remove the indenter (similar to the plunger) and O-ring of the cover.

Record the position of the foot valve and the spool (check to reinstall the original position if there is no problem), then remove the spool spring and O-ring.

After removing the gasket on the valve post, fix the valve post on the vise to remove the fixing bolt, and then disassemble the valve post. Final drives motors (Note that the valve post should be padded with a copper pad to prevent the valve post from being affected. Loss, too, should not over-tighten the vise, otherwise it will cause the spool to deform)

After removing the cam plug on the valve body, remove the steel ball with a magnet.

Installation essentials

Place the steel ball into the valve body and then apply the thread glue on the nut to tighten it. (The tightening torque is 2.5KGF.M)

When assembling the spool, be sure to pay attention to the installation sequence is not assembly error.

After assembly, apply the threaded rubber to the fixing bolt and install the gasket. (The tightening torque is 0.5KGF.M)

Install the O-ring and spring to place the spool into the valve body.

Install the O-ring and presser of the cover.

After attaching the cover to the valve body, apply a small amount of butter on the contact surface. (Tightening torque is 2.3KGF.M)

Install the protective sleeve after installing the foot valve fixing pin. (The tightening torque is 1.0KGF.M) SP Final drives

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