Excavator travel motor disassembly details

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

When it comes to walking motors, I believe that many operators will have a lingering fear, not only because the traveling motor controls the most important action of the excavator - walking, but another important reason is that many problems in walking can be caused by problems with the final drive motors.

It can be said that if you don't have a deep understanding and understanding of the motor, it is not only a failure to do anything, but you can't do it. Once you change the motor assembly directly because of a small problem, thousands of yuan will hit the water. Drifting!


Common walking deviation, unilateral walking powerless, unilateral slow speed, turning boring, high speed no low speed or low speed without high speed and other walking faults, these problems exclude other components, then only the travel motor failure!

▊ The following explains the sequence and precautions for the disassembly of the travel motors.

▼1. First, the excavator must be stopped on a clean and flat road surface to prevent sand and dust from entering the motor. First, the balance valve and the check valve are dismantled.

▼2. Next we will remove all the accessories on the motor cover, and walk the relief valve, buffer valve, shift valve core and so on.

▼3. The next step is to clean the motor cover and then separate the motor cover from the motor housing.

▼4. After removing the motor cover, remove the distribution plate, brake spring, and bearing one by one, and record the sequence.

▼5. Then remove the brake piston and brake pads.

▼6. Finally, we take out the pump plunger and the swashplate and drive shaft.

The above is the step of disassembling the motor. The internal components of the traveling motor are many and all belong to the precision hydraulic components. Therefore, everyone must pay special attention to whether the disassembly environment is clean during the disassembly process.

Replacement installation

At this time, many people will have a question. How do you replace and install the motor after disassembling it? Pay attention to the installation location and sequence during the installation process. Therefore, everyone must record the order in the disassembly process, and put the parts in it into separate categories.

As for the replacement, be sure to carefully check each part for wear and tear, if it is worn out, it must be replaced! It should be noted that if the distribution plate is found to have scratches, the plunger pump and the distribution plate must be replaced in a complete set to prevent the running motor from malfunctioning after installation.

Brick home summary

For many people, disassembling the final drives is not a difficult task, and it is easy to find out where the fault is in the entire disassembly process. But if you are a newcomer or a boss who does not have maintenance experience, then everyone must be careful!

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