Excavator travel motor and pipeline sealing protection method

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Due to the large water content of the ore, when the excavator is working in the cabin of the ore transport ship, the ore slurry is often squeezed from the edge of the travel motors protection box guard and the through hole of the travel motor hose. After the extruded ore slurry is dried and solidified together with the traveling motor and its hose, it will cause corrosion to the final drive motor and the hose. The corroded hose is prone to cracking and hydraulic oil leakage under the pressure of the hydraulic system. At the same time, a large amount of ore mud solidified and agglomerated at the site, which caused great difficulty in disassembly and replacement of the hose.

In order to prevent the corrosion of the traveling motor and the hose, reduce the damage probability of the hose at the traveling motor, reduce the waste of hydraulic oil, and improve the maintenance efficiency, we decided to block at the walking motor guard plate and the through hole of the hose to prevent the ore slurry from entering the traveling motor. Protect the box to protect the final drives and hose. The specific plan is as follows:

First, the guard plate on the travel motor protection box is removed, and the guard plate shape is used as a template, and the guard plate retaining ring is cut with an 8 mm thick steel plate.

Secondly, the retaining ring is welded to the edge of the outer frame of the traveling motor protection box, and after the welding slag is cleaned, the welding seam is polished with a sanding machine to make the welding seam smooth and smooth.

Again, using the inner tube of the used car tire, two layers of the liner are made according to the contour of the retaining ring, and the liner is adhered to the retaining ring.

Then, a foaming sealant is applied to the through hole of the traveling motor hose to completely seal the gap around the through hole and the gap around the through hole.

Finally, clean the inside of the travel motor protection box, paint the exposed metal parts, and then install the excavator travel motor protection box baffle.

The retaining ring and the gasket can well block the gap of the edge of the travel motor protection box guard. Because the hose will contract and vibrate when the pressure changes, it is not suitable to adopt a rigid seal. The styrofoam has a certain elasticity, and it can be used to block the hose without damaging the hose. The styrofoam enters the gap around the hose, which can play a good sealing function and provide convenience for maintenance work. Even if the hose is aged and needs to be replaced, it is easy to remove the styrofoam.

The above method prevents the ore slurry from entering the traveling motor protection box, and can prevent the damage of the ore slurry to the traveling motor and the oil pipe joint, and achieves obvious effects. https://www.spfinaldrives.com/

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