Detailed explanation of the disassembly and assembly of the travel motor reducer

The travel motors controls the walking of the excavator. You may not be very clear about the structure inside. If something goes wrong, it is often a cloud of people, and there is no way to start. Blindly replace the final drive assembly directly, and the million yuan went out like this, so the excavator bosses should learn a little more and do it. Seven sisters sorted out the disassembly sequence and precautions of the travel motor reducer.

Remove the cover

1. Disconnect the travel speed selector hose

2. Motor hose and discharge hose

3. Temporarily suspend the assembly

4. Remove 18 mounting bolts 7 and lift the assembly

★ Be careful not to damage the pipe joint sealing surface on the hose mounting assembly.

I. draining oil

Remove the drain plug and release the gear oil of the reducer. Remove 20 mounting bolts and lift the cover 1 with eyebolts to remove it. Continue to remove the washer 2.

★ When the ring gear 12 is lifted together, the ring gear is separated by gently tapping it with a plastic hammer.

Two: disassemble the No. 1 planet carrier assembly

Decompose the number 1 carrier assembly in the following order

1 Load the pin 4 and knock the shaft 5 out of the planet carrier 6

★ After removing the shaft 5, remove the pin 4

2 Remove the thrust washer 7, gear 8, spring 9 and thrust washer 10 from the carrier 6

3 Remove the No. 1 sun gear shaft 11 and the thrust washer 12 in turn, and remove the No. 2 sun gear 13

Planet carrier assembly No. 42, remove the No. 2 carrier assembly 14 (Carriage Assembly No. 2: 35 kg)

Remove the thrust washer 15

Three: dismantle the No. 2 planet carrier assembly

1 is loaded into the pin 16, and the shaft 17 is knocked out of the planet carrier 18

★ After removing the shaft, remove the pin 16

2 Remove thrust washer 19, gear 20, bearing 21 and thrust washer 22

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