Common maintenance methods and measures for hydraulic pumps

As the power component in the hydraulic system, the hydraulic pump is undoubtedly very important. We should repair the hydraulic pump every time we use it. However, what should we notice in the daily maintenance of the hydraulic pump? ? This article details the main requirements for hydraulic pumps for hydraulic working media.

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        In hydraulic systems, hydraulic fluid is the working medium for transmitting power and signals. At the same time, it also acts as lubrication, cooling and rust prevention. The hydraulic system can operate effectively and reliably. It depends largely on the system. The performance of the hydraulic fluid used in the process. Therefore, before mastering the hydraulic final drive motors, you must have a clear understanding of the hydraulic fluid. In hydraulic systems, hydraulic fluids should have the following requirements:

1, the viscosity is suitable. Small change with temperature

        The viscosity of the working medium is too large. The pressure loss of the system is large and the efficiency is lowered. Moreover, the oil absorption condition of the pump is deteriorated, and holes and cavitation are easily generated. The pump is difficult to operate.

The viscosity of the working medium is too small. The system leaks too much. The volume loss increases. The system efficiency is also low. The rigidity of the system is deteriorated. In addition, the season changes. And the temperature of the working medium changes before and after the machine starts and during normal operation. Therefore, in order to make the hydraulic system work normally and stably, the viscosity of the working medium is required to change with temperature.

2, good lubricity

         The working medium lubricates the various moving parts in the hydraulic spare parts to reduce friction and reduce friction, ensuring that the system can work normally for a long time. In recent years, hydraulic systems and components are moving toward higher performance, and many friction components are in a boundary lubrication state. The hydraulic working medium is required to have good lubricity.

3. Antioxidant

        Contact with the working medium will cause sensitization and deterioration. High temperature, high pressure and certain substances such as copper, zinc and aluminum will accelerate the softening process. After softening, the acid value of the medium increases, the corrosivity is enhanced, and the viscous substance formed by oxidation blocks the pores and gaps of the element and affects the normal operation of the system. Therefore, the working medium is required to have good oxidizing properties.

4, good shear stability

        The working medium undergoes severe shearing as it passes through pumps, valves, and microporous components. This mechanical action causes the medium to produce two forms of viscosity change, that is, temporary viscosity loss at high shear rates and polymerizability increase the permanent viscosity drop caused by the destruction of the adhesive molecules. This is especially true at high speeds and high pressures. After the viscosity is reduced to a certain extent, it cannot be used any more. Therefore, the shear stability of the working medium is required to be good.

Hydraulic pump maintenance in hydraulic working media and the use of hydraulic working media are as shown above. Hydraulic fluid is also an important part of the hydraulic system. It is related to whether the hydraulic system can work normally. Therefore, in the maintenance and repair of the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic fluid should be listed as the key maintenance object.

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