Avoid the rollover, 7 precautions for excavator final drives

(1) Check the road surface before the excavator walks, remove the obstacles on the road surface, let the unrelated personnel stay away from the excavator, and then lift the bucket to get started.

(2) Check the direction of the track frame, determine the position of the final drive motors, and then press the horn to slowly walk the excavator.

(3) When the excavator is reversing, it is necessary to estimate the space behind the car in advance. If the blind spot is too large, it should be directed to coordinate with the person behind.

(4) The travel motors controls the walking speed according to the road condition. When walking on the open flat ground, the “1” gear can be selected. The speed of the excavator will automatically increase or decrease according to the working pressure of the hydraulic walking circuit; when going up and down, you can select “ 0" block, the excavator walks at low speed and high torque.

(5) When the excavator is walking, try to choose a flat road surface to avoid the rotation of the upper turntable. When walking on a bad ground, the rock should be prevented from colliding with the travel motor and the crawler frame.

(6) The excavator final drive on the ramp as far as possible; keep the bucket 20-30cm away from the ground, and immediately put down the bucket if it encounters slipping and other conditions. If a stalled stop occurs on the ramp, place the bucket on the ground, place the lever in the neutral position, and restart the engine.

(7) Try to avoid the excavator walking in the water. If it is necessary to wading, be sure to check the depth of the water and the soft and hard platform at the bottom. If the underwater mud is too deep, or the water surface exceeds the track, it is not suitable to walk. https://www.spfinaldrives.com/

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