Attention should be paid to the repair process of the final drive motor

1. Use scientific and reasonable repair methods to reduce or avoid unnecessary disassembly.

2. Repair or replace defective parts and related final drive parts, and perform necessary checks before installation to prevent repeated failures.

3. For parts that have failed repeatedly, it is necessary to find out the reasons and analyze the reasons. You must never think that a part is damaged or that is the reason for that part. If you replace the part, it will be eliminated. Be sure to find out the real cause of the damage to the parts, and then install them to ensure that the reliability of the machine is completely solved.

4, we must pay attention to the cleaning of final drives disassembled parts (the higher the precision of the parts, the higher the requirements for cleanliness), otherwise it will accelerate the wear and damage of the parts, reducing the original accuracy and reliability of the machine. If the disassembled, repaired, and installed parts are not cleaned and cleaned, sand and dirt are brought into the machine, and the sand and dirt will enter the bearing or the relative moving surface and the force transmitting surface. Injury, abrasion, bite, valve stem jam, oil pressure loss control, oil leakage at the seal, thread operation, tightening torque can not meet the standard, loose off and other failures, so we must pay attention to the cleanliness of parts.

5. Points to be aware of when installing bolts and nuts: (1) The contact surfaces of bolts, nuts and parts should be smooth and flat, otherwise it will be loose or bolt bent after installation. (2) When tightening the sets of bolts and nuts in the same plane, they must be tightened step by step in the specified order, otherwise the parts and bolts will be unevenly deformed or even deformed. (3) The dirt on the thread should be cleaned, otherwise the tightening torque will be affected or the thread will be damaged. (4) The tightening torque of bolts and nuts must be tightened according to the standard. If the torque is too large, the bolt will be elongated or even broken or the machine will break during operation. If the torque is too small, the friction torque of the thread pair will be loose and easy to loosen. It can not guarantee the reliability and correctness of mechanical work.

6, the problem should be paid attention to when installing the bearing: (1) The installation of the sliding bearing should be based on the size of the bearing and the size of the interference, and adopt the appropriate installation method (cold, hot, press, and dress). Special tools must be used for installation. Before installation, the button mating surface should be cleaned and oiled to prevent the bearing from being skewed. In particular, the inner wall holes 2 to 3 of the wall bearing are measured perpendicularly to each other. If the inner hole has a phenomenon such as shrinkage, taper, ellipse, etc., it should be repaired by reaming, scraping and rolling to ensure the working contact surface and the movement gap. (2) For the installation of rolling bearings, it is necessary to grasp the tightness of the inner and outer rings of the bearing and the shaft and the hole. Before installation, the cleaning and oiling work should be done well, and the end face of the bearing with the brand should be installed in the visible part. Choose the correct installation method, do not use the hoe to directly hit the bearing, apply copper rods or special tools to prevent damage to the bearing. If the bearing shaft hole is loaded at the same time, it should be applied at the same time on the inner and outer rings of the bearing to ensure that the rolling element of the bearing is not damaged, so as to affect the running accuracy and reduce the service life. After the bearing is installed, it should be flexible, no noise, no oblique pendulum, no blockage.

7, the gear transmission parts should pay attention to the problem:

The final drive motor and shaft should be properly matched and must not be eccentric or skewed. The two-tooth meshing should have proper meshing clearance. The clearance of the pinion gear is not flexible, which makes the tooth surface wear more intensive; when the clearance is excessively large, the impact force is generated; if the gap is too large or too small, the service life of the gear can be reduced. When the two teeth are engaged, the contact position of the gear should be correct; the area of ​​the gear should meet the requirements; the misalignment of the gear should not exceed the specified value; the meshing area of ​​the gear is small or the position is not correct, the tooth surface wear is accelerated, the sound is loud and the gear is damaged early.

8. Problems to be noted when installing oil seals:

For the installation of the skeleton lip oil seal, the pressure applied to the end face of the oil seal must be uniform to prevent the oil seal from being deformed due to uneven construction pressure during installation, and the sealing performance is lowered. After the oil seal is installed, apply a small amount of grease on the lip to prevent the dry friction from damaging the seal line of the oil seal at the beginning of the work. Install the shaft and push the damage oil seal too hard. When the oil seal of the sealant is installed, the lip is outward, and the old grease can be smoothly removed when the new grease is injected. The seal of the lubricating oil seal is installed with the lip inward to improve the sealing performance of the oil seal.

When the O-ring is installed, it should be installed according to the specified size. If the O-ring is too large or too small, the sealing performance of the O-ring will be reduced. The installation and joint surfaces of the O-rings should be cleaned and cleaned before installation. The uncleanness of these parts will affect the compression ratio of the O-rings. The compression ratio of the O-ring is too large to cause the "compression stress relaxation" of the rubber to cause permanent deformation and reduce the sealing performance; the compression ratio is too small, the elastic contact force of the O-ring is not required, and the sealing of the O-ring is also reduced. performance.

9. All high-speed parts should be adjusted according to the standard. After installation, the position, fastening and adjustment of each component should be thoroughly checked to prevent the damage of parts and faults due to installation errors.

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