Analyze the main characteristics of the travel motor

Travel motors: simple structure, good maneuverability, small size, light weight, convenient maintenance, long service life, but low working pressure, large flow pulsation and pressure pulsation, such as volume compensation when no end face compensation is used under high pressure Significant decline.

The advantage of the final drive motors is that the structure is more compact, the volume is small, the oil absorption performance is good, and the flow uniformity is good, but the structure is complicated and the processability is poor.

The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, small size, stable movement, uniform flow, low noise and long service life, but is more sensitive to oil pollution than the gear pump, and the structure is more complicated.

Each final drives has an oil drain port and an oil suction port. The rotor rotates once, and the volume between each two pieces is sucked and drained once. If the eccentricity of the rotor and the stator is made variable in the structure, Variable vane pump. Single-acting vane pump is suitable for low-pressure and large-flow occasions. For each revolution of the double-acting vane pump rotor, the vane reciprocates twice in the tank to complete two oil suction and oil discharge. Since it has two oil absorption zones and two oil discharge zones, which are symmetrically distributed with respect to the center of the rotor, the forces acting on the rotor are balanced with each other, and the flow rate is relatively uniform.

Piston pump: It has high precision, good sealing performance and high working pressure, so it is widely used. However, its structure is more complicated, the manufacturing precision is high, the price is expensive, and it is sensitive to oil pollution. The axial piston pump is a piston parallel to the cylinder axis and moves in the axial direction; the plunger of the radial piston pump is perpendicular to the oil distribution shaft and moves in the radial direction, and both types of pumps can be used as hydraulic motors.

Screw pump: The screw pump is essentially a gear pump, which is characterized by simple structure and light weight; small flow and pressure pulsation, uniform delivery, no turbulence, no agitation, little bubble generation; reliable operation and low noise. The running smoothness is higher than that of the gear pump and the vane pump, the volumetric efficiency is high, and the suction lift is high. However, processing is difficult and the flow cannot be changed. Hydraulic drive system for machine tools or precision machinery. Generally used two- or three-screw pumps, both vertical and horizontal. General marine screw pumps are installed vertically.

Gear motor: simple structure, easy to manufacture, but the output torque and speed pulsation is large, but when the speed is higher than 1000r/min, the torque ripple is suppressed. Therefore, the gear motor is suitable for high speed and low torque. under.

Blade motor: compact structure, small size, smooth motion, low noise and low load torque.

Axial piston motor: compact structure, small radial size, small moment of inertia, high speed, easy to change, can automatically adjust the flow in a variety of ways, a wide range of applications.

Ball-type motor: large load torque and large radial size, suitable for medium speed conditions.

Inner curve motor: large load torque, low speed and good smoothness.

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