Analysis of Characteristics of Travel Motors for Construction Machinery

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Since American American Jenny used hydraulic minerals as a working medium in 1905, the first hydraulic piston pump and driven hydraulic transmission were designed and manufactured. In 1922, the Swiss Toma invented the radial piston pump, followed by hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors of different structures. With the continuous development of hydraulic technology, hydraulic systems are widely used in construction machinery, and the structure of hydraulic walking reduction motor of engineering machinery crawler drive device is also developing new development.

Hydraulic travel motors are divided into high speed and low speed hydraulic final drive motors according to their rated speed. High-speed hydraulic motor, the structure of the motor is swash plate axial piston type, this hydraulic motor has high volumetric efficiency, its up to 95%, motor output efficiency is high; and the motor has a dual variable function, adapt to construction machinery In the construction project, different torques are output in different working conditions, which improves work efficiency.

In the increasingly serious energy crisis, the improvement of hydraulic motor efficiency has been improved, and the efficiency of hydraulic motors has been increased by 5%-8%. The following research and improvements have been made on the efficiency of hydraulic motors:

First, optimize the hydraulic motor oil passage, solve the problem by fluid simulation analysis, reduce the hydraulic damping of the oil passage, and solve the phenomenon of large damping of the oil passage by finite element analysis.

Second, optimize the balance valve structure, and carry out simulation analysis, optimize the buffer tank parameters, find the optimal groove type parameters and the flow characteristics of the structure research valve, and the matching characteristics of the flow to the load device, and design different flow characteristics according to the load. The length of the valve port and the width of the valve port include overlapping double-section U-shaped grooves to reduce the throttling loss of the valve.

Third, the dynamic pressure support principle is adopted on the distribution sub-structure to form a sliding effect between the oil distribution plate and the oil cylinder, and the surface structure is improved by processing micropores to form a lubricating oil film, thereby improving the lubricating performance and reducing the friction coefficient.

The efficiency of the swash plate type axial piston motor is greatly improved by continuous improvement. Therefore, the hydraulic motor is widely used in construction machinery due to its small size, high power density, compact structure and high working efficiency.

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