About the fault of the excavator travel motor, what you want to know is here.

Fault analysis

Excavator can't walk on one side is a common fault in the operation of friends. There are many reasons for the failure of one side to walk. The most important reason is that the travel motors and the travel reducer are faulty.


It is recommended that the user repair or replace the final drive motor (walking reducer) after determining the cause of the fault.

Principle of action

The motor is very similar in structure to the pump. As a power output device of the hydraulic system, it does not push the hydraulic oil like a pump, but is driven by high-pressure hydraulic oil to generate torque and continuous rotary motion.

Location and construction

The travel motor assembly is located in the lower part of the excavator, one on each of the left and right sides, and directly drives the track to enable the machine to advance, retreat and turn.

Travel motor

▶The role of hydraulic motor:

The hydraulic motor is a swash plate type axial piston motor that converts the hydraulic pressure of the pressure oil transmitted from the main pump into a rotary motion.

▶The role of the brake valve:

The brake valve includes a safety oil suction valve, and the balance valve controls the inertia force of the final drives to be rotated due to the inertia of the vehicle body when the traveling motor is stopped, and smoothly brakes to stop it.

▶The role of the parking brake:

The parking brake functions to prevent the slipping and slipping phenomenon caused by the excavator stopping on the inclined ground by the friction plate brake mechanism, and is integrated with the hydraulic motor portion.

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